The Market Climate Today in Calgary

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Is it a buyer's or seller's market? It ultimately depends on who you ask. Right now, we are leaning towards a buyer's market. Still, it depends on what neighborhood and price range you're in.
Our current housing inventory is 21% to 25% higher than last year. Last year we had very low inventory, and it's common to see large gaps between 2014 and 2015's numbers.

Interest rates haven't changed since the last update. When the Fed increases their rates, Canada will most likely follow suit. Rising interest rates over the next six to twelve months will significantly affect the market. Once the rise is announced, people who have been sitting on the fence will jump into the market before rates go up again.
Remember, go to a real estate agent for information on the real estate market. Newspapers often present accurate information, but it's not always specific enough. A real estate agent can break down the market specifically and simplify it all for you.
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